How to use?

Register an account. It is easy, no email or mobile number required. Get another friend to join. Search and find each other by username. Add each other as contacts. Message or call one another.

What are some of the features?

We do not require your email or phone number for registration. Your privacy is ensured.

No chat history is kept on our servers.

We do not read your phone contacts to populate the contact list. You get to choose who you want to chat with.

Chat history on phone is deleted once you close the app.

You only receive message from people that you add. No more annoying messages from unknown sources.


You need to remember your Login ID and Password during registration as no password recovery is possible via email or phone number.

Chat is currently only possible when the other party is online.

You need to get friends to join.

Which browser supports video and voice calling feature?

So far we have tested working on Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

I cannot send a message to my contact when they are offline.

As we do not keep your message on our servers, we can only deliver them when your contact is online. This may change in the future.